Broadcast of interactive contents:

Digital resources such as, audio, video, coaching for teaching activities, and simulation will be of use to all interested parties in order to facilitate the broadcast of interactive content.

Student informational system:

Tools for monitoring the academic progress of pupils, both from the administrative and pedagogical perspectives (grade management, absences, academic history, medical reports) are all available within the program to enable school principals, parents, stakeholders in the school system and all concerned parties to ensure the evolution and development of each individual student. In this context, the identification document of each student will comply with the model adopted by the Ministry of National Education and Professional Training (Ministère de l’Education Nationale et de la Formation Professionnelle) to avoid any confusion in individual files.

Test banks for the evaluation of learning:

Tests are available in the test bank in order to help schools evaluate the level of knowledge acquired by students. They are calibrated from the digitalized contents of Maison Henri Deschamps’ schoolbooks, and of course, take into account the specifics of digitalization.

School management system:

The program also includes a school management system geared towards the utilization of administrative and pedagogical tools. The implementation of this system will ensure good school governance. This system will be able to check: the background and training of teachers, the management of the environmental situation, as well as the upgrading and maintenance of equipment and materials. It will also be able to check the management of several things in the school such as, school furniture, income, teaching material and study programs.

Recording studio:

The RETEL project is equipped with a recording studio whose priority is to capture sounds in order to digitalize the contents of the school manuals of Maison Deschamps. It can however, be made available to other institutions that may wish to use it for purposes that comply with moral, ethical, and deontological principles.