Maison Henri Deschamps, founded more than 110 years ago, is the primary publishing company in the field of education in Haiti. Its primary focus has always been about achieving society’s vision: transforming Haiti through the power of education. Since its formation in 1898, Maison Henri Deschamps has been providing Haitian schools with its noteworthy texts.

Since Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have become such an integral part of society, many schools in different countries have made it a point to adapt to the ICT era by including digital technologies in the lives of their students. Digital television, play stations, computers, smartphones, and notebooks (to name a few) have all been a great supplement in the 21st century classroom.

In addition to producing school texts in hard copy, Maison Henri Deschamps has always been in pursuit of providing modernization to Haiti’s school system. In order to achieve its goal, the company created, Réseau de Tele Enseignement (Distance Learning Network) (RETEL) in June of 2011. This department has begun converting the company’s notable schoolbooks into pedagogical supports with learning content, which have been done in an interactive digital format.